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Owners: Osvaldo and Rosa Molina
Store: North Miami Beach Coin Laundry

The Molina family story starts in 1970. Osvaldo Molina moved to America from Cuba with his wife, Rosa Molina. When they first arrived they started their career in the grocery business where they owned and operated three stores. Eventually, they sold their grocery stores in search of a business venture that was easier to manage and required less moving parts. In 2005, they bought an old Spin Cycle Coin Laundry and renamed it North Miami Beach Coin Laundry. The old mechanic for the laundry referred the Molina family to Noel Orozco, Vice President, and Abel Urra, Consultant from Statewide Laundry Equipment- Hialeah and the relationship has grown over 10 years.

The laundry is family owned and operated. When they purchased the laundry in 2005 the store had old equipment, an unperfected Wash Dry Fold Service, unfriendly environment and outdated signage. However, the Molina Family saw the potential this store could have. Before the Molina family had purchased the coin laundry, the wash dry fold services were doing 30lbs a day, now in 2015, they are doing 500lbs of Wash Dry Fold daily. This significant spike in Wash Dry Fold is tied to the relationships they've built since day one with their customers.

You could say one of the marketing strategies they used, and has helped them increase profitability is their dedication to the term “family owned and operated.” Their goal was to create a comfortable environment where customers feel like they are part of the family. When you come into North Miami Beach Coin Laundry you will see at least nine friendly faces ready to great you, including all four members of the Molina family. They have found that devoted family and employees work better, smarter, and happily. Recently, they purchased new Speed Queen® washers and dryers. Now customers come from Broward County to visit their Laundromat because their store is equipped with new Speed Queen® machines. By increasing the vend on their new machines they have saved on utility costs and reduced their service calls which pay off their debt service.

Another way they have increased profitability is through their commercial accounts. They have 10 hotel and restaurant accounts per season that come to their Laundromat every night to wash linens and towels. They enjoy the family atmosphere, which is the most effective way they have maintained this continuing presence. Additionally, they have added an in-house Dry Cleaning Service. They have been using this technique to drive more people into the Laundromat. Customers enjoy this dual service and business has never been better!

Meet the Owner, Osvaldo Molina and his son, Ozzie Molina.

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