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Speed Queen is committed to the quality of machines from design to performance. We are going to compare the Speed Queen Washer- Extractor to the Dexter Washer- Extractor for your vended laundry. This blog with discuss control capability- vending, control capability- cycle programming, water usage, and cylinder capacity for the Dexter Washer- Extractor and Speed Queen Washer Extractor.

Control Capability- Vending


Dexter Washer- Extractor has only 1 low feature control on their washers. The Dexter control offers little flexibility for the owners to enhance their revenue with vend pricing.

2 Coin Values

6 Cycle Pricing

  • Base Cycle Price
  • Warm Adder
  • Hot Adder
  • Plus Cycle Adder

*These are the only options laundry owners can program for vend pricing. In comparison Speed Queen offers 2 highly flexible and fully programmable controls. On the Quantum gold control, you will find:

27 Cycle Pricing:

  • Soil Types
  • Cycle Types
  • Water Temps

 Speed Queen also has Special Vend options that offer:

  • Time of day
  • Time of day extract vend pricing options
  • Cycle modifiers for even more revenue enhancing features

 Even Speed Queen’s lower end Quantum Sliver Control has more options than the Dexter Control.

Control Capability: Cycle Programming

Laundry owners find utility cost and energy usage a top priority as well and Speed Queen Laundry equipment has you covered here too. Dexter Laundry Equipment has little to no cycle programming capabilities and owners are often forced to use the default setting. Speed Queen Cycle programming has endless possibilities for owners who want to be in control of their machines water and energy consumption.

Dexter Washer Extractor:

  • End of cycle alarm (Y/N)
  • 4 baths
    • Time (3-15 min)
    • Spin time (1-10 min)
    • Fill time= Wash time (Y/N)

Speed Queen Washer Extractor:

  • 31 Audio signal settings
  • 8 baths
    • Time (1-30 min)
    • Spin time (1-10min)
    • 30 water levels
    • Agitate types
    • Extract speeds
    • Dispenser/chemical injection

For example with 30 programmable water levels, you can modify a machines water usage and ultimately save money on your utility cost. Higher extract speeds can reduce drying time which will save energy cost.

Vend pricing and cycle programming capabilities are important yet there are many other programmable features of Speed Queen Washer Extractors that set Speed Queen even further apart from Dexter. With Quantum controls, it is easy to customize your laundry operation to meet your needs. Speed Queen Wash Extractors increase your revenue, decrease utility expenses, and it offers great customer service because of the flexibility of the Quantum controls. How does the Dexter control match up? They do not offer slow drain or water leak detection, break-in-alarm, drop off mode, or lucky cycle. Dexter does offer some other features; pause and resume, PC/PDA programming and auditing, network option, remote vend, and vend price modifiers.

Water Usage

Dexter’s sump-less design cause soapsuds and water to hang up in the cylinder during drain and extract leading to poor rinsing. Speed Queen’s newly redesigned sump system minimizes excess water and maintains wash and rinse quality. Speed Queen’s 30lb washer extractor has the industry’s lowest water usage with just 1.3 gallons below the wash basket compared to Dexter’s 1.7 gallons.

Cylinder Capacity

End user of laundry equipment wants to get more done in less time. Speed Queen Washer-Extractor can meet this demand! When a Speed Queen wash cylinder is compared to a Dexter wash cylinder, Speed Queen machine capacity is as much as 8% larger then Dexter. Larger wash capacity means both owners and customers get their money’s worth from Speed Queen!

Now let’s recap:

Let’s look at each feature covered in this blog to see which machine has the advantage. Speed Queen's 30 programmable water levels, agitate times, and several extract speed settings let owners control and manage every aspect of their business. Dexter controls offer little to no cycle programming, giving the store owner NO SAY in how their business is run. Speed Queen Washer- Extractos uses less water than previous models. Finally Speed Queen offers laundry cylinder capacities for comparable models. Some models as much as an 8% increase. All of this is why Speed Queen is the most profitable to own line of equipment you can buy.

Have any questions about this comparison or interested in Speed Queen Equipment. Request a Quote!