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Be part of a 4 billion dollar recession resistant industry. Attend a free seminar or contact us to see how you can learn more about the benefits of a new self-service laundromat We have laundromat locations available in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Southern Virginia. 

Statewide is proud to offer the new Speed Queen cutting-edge Quantumâ„¢ Gold system. This system gives owners the power to respond instantly to changes in order to maximize their store's profitability. A Quantumâ„¢Gold networked store is the ultimate in management ease, enabling owners to modify vend prices or cycles from the comfort of their own home or anywhere they have access to a computer.

Consider some of the benefits of a laundromat.

Owners choose Speed Queen laundry equipment for its reliability, efficiency and profit-producing control platforms.

  • Laundromats have always been considered recession-resistant. Now with the current pandemic, it has built on this strength with an "essential business" title.
  • Virtually no inventory control shrinkage, spoilage or theft.
  • Washing laundry is a repetitive necessity of life like food, clothing and shelter.
  • Average of 25%-35% ROI!
  • Laundromats can be run successfully on a part-time basis.
  • The card system or the coin box is a cash register, and you get paid up-front for use of the machines.
  • Good for Retirement!
  • Stable Income!
  • Laundromats are scalable, therefore future expansion or multiple-store ownership can be achieved.
  • Labor is minimal. An attendant keeps the store clean and handles the wash/dry/fold service.
  • This is not a franchise therefore there are no franchise fees or royalties.

A laundromat from Statewide can be a very rewarding experience! We have worked with many entrepreneurs like you. At Statewide, we are your full-service laundromat source! We can guide you with such things as securing a location, lease, permits and installation of the equipment, with you the customer making all the final decisions.

Consider the Long-Term Investment Value of a Laundry.

Laundromats with proven track records are sold with relative ease and at top dollar. Just like other types of real estate, laundries appreciate in value. If you've run a profitable laundry and five years later decide to sell, you may expect to find a buyer quickly and, in most cases, your laundry will command a much higher price than you paid. In many cases, stores pay for themselves in just a few years, leaving you with a 'nest-egg' that may be far better than a conventional savings account, IRA, 401k, money market, or mutual fund.

Don't miss out on your chance to be your own boss and attain financial security.

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This is not a Franchise or Business opportunity. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as creating a franchise relationship.