Green Technologies

We are Serious about Green Technology.

Green Technologies

Long before it became trendy to call yourself "green", Statewide's manufacturers Speed Queen and UniMac have been focused on reducing water usage and improving energy efficiency.

Their complete line of washer-extractors, commercial dryers and flatwork ironers are each designed to get the most out of the gas, water and electricity used to get your laundry clean. And what's good for the environment is also good for your bottom line - our machines offer the lowest operating cost in the industry, and provide significant savings on your utility costs.

Speed Queen and UniMac's washer-extractors, commercial dryers and flatwork ironers are designed with features that can help any laundry reduce operating expenses and conserve resources. UniMac and Speed Queen are serious about utilizing cutting-edge technologies to reduce your utility costs and provide the lowest operating cost in the industry.

Water Management

Quantum Gold allows you to adjust water levels by cycle segment, with 30 levels to choose from. This enables you to fine-tune water consumption to the lowest level acceptable to customers. In addition, our Energy Star-rated Horizon washer model with Quantum Gold takes water use from 14.8 gallons per cycle to an ultra-low 12.8 gallons.

Advanced Leak Detection

A slow drain or a stuck valve can waste up to several gallons of water per cycle. If your machine runs, on average, four times per day, you'll lose 6000 gallons of water in a year. Quantum Gold conveniently identifies a slow drain or stuck valve as soon as possible - so that you won't pay for water that's going right down the drain.

High G-Force Extraction

The is main differentiation point separating a green washer-extractor from other models. Spinning higher G-Force removes significantly more water than mid-speed G-Force or low-speed G-Force models. The key benefit is that with less water left in the load, less drying time is necessary - so you'll pay less for gas and electricity.

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