Quantum Gold

Quantum™ GOLD - will conserve water for a greener, more profitable operation.

Quantum Gold

The Best Just Got Better.
Introducing Our Newly Redesigned Line of Hardmount Washer-Extractors

Owners today need the versatility to adapt quickly to fluctuations in operating expenses and customers' needs. Features that a few years ago were considered luxuries are now essential components to running a laundry.

Our hardmount washer-extractors have been completely redesigned to be more efficient and reliable, which leads to greater profitability than ever before.

In addition, we're so confident that our heavy-duty construction will be in service for years to come that we offer an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Speed Queen's cutting-edge Quantum™ System, gives owners the power to respond instantly to changes in order to maximize their store's profitability.

A Quantum™Gold networked store is the ultimate in management ease, enabling owners to modify vend prices or cycles from the comfort of their own home or anywhere they have access to computer.

Available in 20, 30, 40, 60 and 80 lb. capacities.

Interested in Quantum Gold?

Why is our redesigned line of Speed Queen washer-extractors better than ever?

    • Advanced Inverter Drive

    This proprietary technology provides smooth, reliable power — saving you 33% on electricity versus previous models.

    • Patented Sump System Design

    Uses 11% less water while maximizing cleaning power.

    • Faster Extraction Speed

    New technology on Quantum™ Gold machines have 200 G-Force extraction to remove more water, leading to shorter dry times and lower energy bills.

    • Leak Detection

    Patented Water Guardian saves water by detecting slow or leaking fill-valves and drains.

    • Stronger Frame

    Computer-optimized frame is lighter, lasts longer, balances loads more efficiently and is pallet jackable, making it easier to install.

    • Quiet

    Stronger frame is designed to reduce sound and vibration levels.


    Adjust Water Levels

    Quantum Gold allows you to adjust water levels by cycle segment, with 30 levels to choose from. This enables you to fine-tune water consumption to the lowest level acceptable to customers. In addition, our Energy Star-rated Horizon washer model with Quantum ™Gold takes water use from 14.8 gallons per cycle to an ultra-low 12.8 gallons.

    You Have Total Control of Your Pricing

    Quantum™Gold makes marketing easy, giving you total control over your pricing during the course of the day. If Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are usually slow, you could create a promotion offering discounted vend prices during those times - and then return to regular pricing when business picks up in the afternoon. And that's just one example - Quantum™Gold unlocks unlimited marketing possibilities with pricing flexibility designed to meet your specific needs.

    Premium Prices

    Move to a modern, flexible pricing structure that reflects the versatility of your equipment. Quantum™Gold offers variable pricing, so that you can charge premium prices for hot water washes. For example, a cold water default could be priced at $2.75, warm washes at $3 and hot washes $3.25.

    Customer Reward Program

    Lucky Cycle is used as a customer reward program, issuing a free cycle to the customer who selects the machine when this option is active. The Lucky Cycle can be programmed to activate after a number of paid cycles is met. For is example, a free wash after 50 paid cycles. Some call this Washer Roulette.

    Increase Washer Revenue

    Just as grocery stores place impulse purchases near the register, we've added medium- and heavy-soil adders to our Quantum™Gold control. For example, we've found that customers will often gladly spend an extra 25 cents for the convenience of a medium-soil option such as an extra pre-wash segment. While that may not seem like much, in an average laundry, adding this option can increase your washer revenue.

    Connect with People

    Quantum™Gold's networking capabilities allow you to achieve unparalleled control over your business - from any computer, anywhere in the world. While networked stores will one day become the industry standard, you'll be ahead of the competition immediately, with complete anytime access to your store operations right at your fingertips.

    Get Access Anywhere

    Quantum™Gold's network store can be configured to automatically send an e-mail when a counter changes value. Different notifications can be sent to different people. This feature is only available for networked locations.

    Don't Waste Water

    A slow drain or a stuck valve can waste up to several gallons of water per cycle. If your machine runs, on average, four times per day, you'll lose 6000 gallons of water in a year. Quantum ™Gold conveniently identifies a slow drain or stuck valve as soon as possible - so that you won't pay for water that's going right down the drain.

    Advanced Diagnostics Technology

    Advanced diagnostics technology helps identify issues before they become problems, sending immediate updates on any malfunctions or reduced machine performance. Providing your service technician with advance knowledge of the problem allows you to reduce downtime and save time and money.

    Program Your Machine

    Keep pace with expenses and implement special marketing tactics with the speed and simplicity of Quantum™Gold. Programming your machines is now as easy as taking a 10-minute walk around your store with a PDA. Networking your machines makes it even easier - allowing you to instantly change programs from any computer, at any time.

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